Self Hosted Linux

The computer that is running on is a frankensteined, 9 year old CTX, with a 200MHz CPU and 64MB of ram. I believe Amy purchased it for around $1200-$1300 as a schoolwork-pc while attending UW-Milwaukee. With the exception of the HD crash in Feb 2002, it has been on non-stop for last 3 years.

How's that for return on investment!

Server Operating System:Red Hat Linux 7.1 (no windowing environment)
Web Server:Apache 1.3.23
Database Server:mySQL 3.23.47
Email Server:Sendmail 8.11.2
Firewall/NAT:IPTables ruleset
Total Software Monetary Cost:$0.00
Total Time investment:A lot. But worth it because I gained useful knowledge re: Linux OS