Happy Birthday

You know what? I'm not good with fixit's or the latest things,
but I sure as heck am impressed, by Amy's most important things...
Learning to knit, it's not some little feat,
my wife sees the future, where grandkids smiles meet.

Decades wait for little one's their smiles unrepressed,
My family, this life's greatest fest, a jest, a test, the *best*...

Sons and daughters, life instilled,
fathers and mothers, hope fulfilled.

I love my life, I love my wife,
I love my kids, I love that I cannot come up with a rhyme,
But I know the first thing I will see tomorrow will be,
A hand-written card times three.

Dad I love you, and here is how I show you,
Marker and crayon, you are my biggest fan.
I know that before the regular day,
You will hug me and send me on my way.

This life is intense,
The necessary immense,
Parents, I can count on you to...
Be there, be there, you're here,
You're here, I hear.