FVTC FabLab in Appleton WI

FVTC FabLab sign

9/22/2011 – A DHMN delegation consisting of Alex,  Tim,  Tim, and myself toured of one of two MIT FabLabs in the state of Wisconsin. The FVTC FabLab is located at: 11 Tri Park Way Appleton, WI 54914.

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The FVTC FabLab contains:

Vinyl cutter
Additive/3D printer
Laser cutter
2 Shopbots (cncs)

Also seen: electric motorcycle project

Audio from our visit:

Direct links to the audio in MP3 format or if you prefer freedom Ogg format.

The gist of FVTC FabLab:

FabLab has a special interest in solar/wind/sustainable projects.

FabLab works with community groups to teach and make available the resources of the FabLab. Examples include: schools, boy/girl scouts, churches, non-profit groups, etc.

FabLab is project focused.  A person or group approaches FabLab with a project and together they discuss the possibilities. Depending on the project, FabLab may also be able to offer access to the FVTC metal/machine shop.

Before any person or group can use the machines at FabLab, they must become certified through instruction. This is not free of charge. However, as with anything, contact FabLab first to understand what possibilities exist.


From FVTC FabLab 9/22/2011